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Who is Scala?

Scala‘s digital signage platform, one of the most widely deployed worldwide, empowers marketers and retailers with complete control over the playback of content across a network of screens.

With a extensive range of in-house software, hardware, services, and live support, Scala is well-equipped to facilitate true transformation in retail and audience engagement.

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Solutions for every industry

As a leading digital signage company catering to diverse sectors, including retail, grocery, beauty, and quick-service restaurants, Scala stands out by providing tailored solutions for every industry.

With our innovative technology, customizable platform, and industry expertise, we empower businesses to create captivating content that drive engagement, enhance brand presence, and boost customer experiences.

Whether it’s delivering dynamic promotions in retail, showcasing food offerings in grocery stores, displaying stunning visuals in beauty salons, or streamlining menu boards in quick-service restaurants, our comprehensive digital signage solutions adapt seamlessly to the unique needs of each industry.

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